Friday, July 21, 2006

Chennai Express [Part-1]

Hmmm so am finally on my way to chennai I said to myself and was quick to realize that this is only for 2 days. A glimpse at the watch revealed 6:30 PM, Friday 14 July 2006. 3 hours have passed since i had a chat with ghotiya about his plans for weekend. "As usual nothing to do" prompt came the reply, nothing astonishing as it's the same case as that of mine. Both of us in same company a big and fast growing IT major, bachelors with no girlfriends and worst , both running low on motivation to roam around to see places. Ok no issues come over to hyderabad, weather is cool , catch pandu and bailur and we can have a gala of time here. And just to help him out i browsed to indianrail.Gov . There is a train at 5:30 from chennai junction and will take approx 12 hr to reach here, And last train is at around 7pm the choice is yours. But ghotiya had another problem, he typed back , the station is around 2 hr from office and i have to go home to collect some clothes i am not sure whether i i will be able to make it to station even if i leave now, why don't you come. Not a bad idea,not bad at all i typed back , Lemme try my luck.. Again 3 trains were available and surprisingly had similar timings, and the last one "charminar express" was at around 6 PM from Hyderabad Deccan. Checked the availability status and found quite a few seats were left. I asked ghotiya to exercise patience while i was inquiring about my chances of reaching station on time for the last train.

Chennai Express

Sir ,How far the station is from here i asked my fellow colleague. Which one ? He responded . Ahhhhh hyderabad deccan. That is some 16 km i guess. No, in hours how much will it take if i travel in an auto.(i think it is always better to ask for time instead of distance in metros cause assumptions based on distances are always prone to failure ). 1 hour at max i was told. I checked time in my windows system tray
4:05, I can still make it by 6 i thought. Next thing was to check how much money would i need to make a trip to chennai and back 325 train
fare and add another 200 for auto and travel expenses, that makes 1000 for to and fro from chennai. After doing this much calculation i Checked my purse and found 2 100rs notes, 1 20rs, some coins that's all, it was time to check my bank accounts hardly any money left to even withdraw. Ahhh some friends owe me some money but cannot be reached this soon.

4:20 I have to rush else i surely am going to miss the train. Meanwhile i thought of something and called up satish, borrowed 600 Rs and made a move from campus. On reaching gate i politely asked a biker whether by any chance is he going towards madhapur. No he said and
gave me lift till main road. There on i hired an auto, it was about 4:45 when i reached my home.

Rang the bell atleast ten times before the door was opened. Not looking very amused my room partner asked what's the hurry. Nothing i
said, just planning to move to chennai. Have you been transferred to chennai he asked back . Nooa just for the weekend. Ahhh i see he said and moved on. It was my turn to ask, do you have a small bag to pack in some 2 tee 1 jeans nothing much just enough for weekend. Bang was a bag thrown at my face, empty the bag and check whether it suite your need. It was a small bag i suppose real small and was full of medicines.

While emptying the bag i noticed there was "medicine update 2005" written all over , pushing my clothes inside i asked hey any
one in your family is a medical representative. What you have to do with that, ain't you are late now.. Ya ya its ok i said and hurriedly
zipped my bag & started to move. Suddenly I turned back and said hey boss get that machine yaar which we booked last week. Ya i
will try you move else you will miss the train. Thanks i said and pushed off. While walking towards i thought i can save some time by running, probably a short sprint
to the hutch shop on the main road will be just enough.I tried but i soon gave up... Stamina problem, no probably the bag was heavy and that's what i accepted as a factually correct and genuine reason.

Stamina is not a problem. I know i was lying to myself cause 2 kg bag can never be that heavy that you cannot run with it. Reaching main
road i was able to quickly spot an auto. 'Bhai saab station chalenge'. Baitho, after settling i asked how much time will take to reach there?
It was 4:45 already in my wrist watch..

[To be Continued]

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