Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Trip to Village . Pictorial Travelogue

25 Dec’06 - 28 Dec -06: I was on leave away from urban lifestyle, in the warmth and coziness of my village Patkania, approx 180 Km from Varanasi and 10 Km from the nearest town. Situated on the banks of River Ganga. I proudly can claim being “chhora ganga kinare waala”. It’s a different world unlike our cities fresh, calm, easy, smooth and Spry, Somehow I always felt ethereal whenever I am there.

Here is a brief pictorial walkthrough …. I hope U will enjoi.

Flower Cultivation

Lone Rider

On the frontline

And I have promises to keep. Miles to go before I sleep

Reach out.. Sky is the Limit

Village Temple

Fueling the future – Bio diesel

Currently there is not much water. Current Depth from shore is almost 12 Meters

Gang of 4

Sheep Dog

Empire of Green


Didn’t realized I was there sitting next to ganga for more 4 hours. This poem captures what I felt whilst sitting next to a slow silent water stream rushing down to meet its destiny.

Misty River

It is early in the morning
Me in this Misty River
All the happiness
I am feeling inside myself

Misty River, So peaceful

It is so nice, To have a place to come to
Where you can, Hear the sound of the birds
There song is just beautiful like mother nature intended to do it

And be left alone
With no one disturbing you

If nobody else appreciates this Misty River

I do , Misty River

I will die for you

- Aldo Kraas


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