Monday, April 16, 2007

Jor se bolo ...


Had a cool 4 day long vacation, paid visit to Mata Vaishno Devi , Shiv Khodi ( Lord shiva's hideout when Bhasmasur attacked him) and Patni top.

Well Finally after almost 2 weeks, I was able to compile these photographs ( a tedious 3 hours effort to Sort, Pick, Resize (Not Retouch)) and finally it's here for you. Pics are looking a bit blurred because of photoframe effect (Outlook 2007 Rocks), I am not sure about blurring but sure they have been softened. Honestly speaking this time it was tough to shortlist the photographs.

So with an impromptu schedule, we just had it as it came . So presenting a small window to my experiences in those tiring 4.5 Days .

1) When was the last time you lifted you head and looked at the sky, it's sure is beautiful .

Location : Patni Top Childern's Park

2) Well the image below is a Super Macro of Flower which was smaller than our thumbnails and in the full blown image you can really see those small creatures sticking at the center.
Location : Patni Top Childern's Park

3) When I was a kid my father got 1 of the following, it took me a few years to realize that they are crafted by mother nature.

4) Holding you tight....
Location : Patni Top : Green Top Park

5) Looks like a scenery, View from our hotel in Patni top.

6) Shiv Khodi cave as I Explained earlier looks like amaranth cave entrance , don't take me as atheist but the rock formation (In form of various god \ goddess) is because of continuous water flow (Still In its original shape cause not may people visit this place 90 KM from Katra. Caution : Cave is tough to get in and you may feel breathlessness inside since the passage is very narrow)

7) On the way to shiv Khodi. This tree had no leaves but just floweres...

8) Doodh ganga ( People believe on Shiv Ratri the water turns into Milk)

9) Ransu : Where Shiv Khodi is located

10) Ban Ganga : On the way to Mata Vaishno Devi

11) Just liked it

12) Dhols on the way to Shrine

13) A lonely flower

14) Deccan is the sole helicopter operator. No comptt.

15) Make way....

16) An aerial view of Passage below On the way

17) Mata Pahada Wali

18) Jor se bolo

19) Crayon Sky.... and a confused tree

20) A Overview of Katra from Top... ( 12X Optics are nice)

21) View from katra

Apologies, NO TP's,running very short on time (I know a few people will be relieved but not for long) , may be by End of May things would get a bit relaxed.
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Credits to Kashi for the pic below, Thx

Yours Truly

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