Monday, October 08, 2007

Postcard from Charminar - Hyderabad


Last Sunday, I had a chance of visiting charminar(It was due for a long time), A monument which I guess has seen/is seeing the glorious days of hyderabad. Situated at the heart of the city, it requires the best of maneuvering skills to reach. Even with nerve wrecking, fully packed approach road and hawkers at every possible spot, the Charminar built some 500 years back was impressing. You can enter Charminar and reach up to 1st floor using the spiraling never ending staircase. The mosque on Floor – II has been closed because of suicide attempts made.

So here are some pics which I clicked ..Enjoi

1. History of Charminar

2. Full Shot of Charminar ( A bit risky as I had to stand in middle of Moving (Crawling) Traffic)

3. Bottom's Up

4. Center Piece at the center of the Gumbad

5. One Minaret of the 4 ( Remember Char – Minar)

6. Wall Clock as mentioned in Description ( Angrezo wali ghadi)

7. Sarv Dharm Sambhav. Mandir and Masjid back to Back at the Ground Floor of Charminar

8. Another masjid in vicinity as visible from the top of Charminar

9. Golconda Fort as visible from Top of Charminar (Poor visibility due to Dust). People say that there was an underground passage from Golconda to the Fort which was so big that one can ride in it on horse. Golconda > Charminar is only 15 KM

10: A unani Hospital near charmiar..

11: Charminar is a crowdy Place. Situated at center of Hyd it is real hustle bustle there. But not worse than chandni Chowk.

12: View from the top

13: Abstract

In the Flight

Full sized pics will be uploaded soon. Mail back for the link.

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