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Postcards from Golconda: Hyderabad

Sorry Fellas.. This mail was scheduled for last week of last year but before I could sent it I left for a “long” 10 days vacation ( More on that later). Meanwhile enjoi Golconda..

And happy new Year

Here is a Next one from Hyd.

Last Sunday Last to Last to Last Sunday with some of my friends (Ghots , AA) I visited one of the Magnificent Fort in it’s time, Gollaconda fondly known Golconda (Means Shepherd’s Hill).

Ruins of Golconda Fort:

In 1687 the fort was almost completely destroyed the fort and left it in a heap of ruins by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who took over Qutub Shahis.

Golconda consists of four distinct forts with a 10km long outer wall having 87 semi circular bastions; some still mounted with cannons, eight gateways, four drawbridges and number of royal apartments & halls, temples, mosques, magazines, stables etc, inside. It is built on a granite hill 120 mtrs and periphery diameter is well over 10 KM

Navigation Maps of Golconda

Golconda from entrance

After Entering Fateh Darwaza' (Victory gate, so called after Aurangzeb’s triumphant army marched in through this gate) studded with giant iron spikes, you can experience fantastic Acoustics effects which can be heard some 200-300 mtrs away from the place.

The sound after hitting the ceiling is redirected to a place 400 Mtrs away

To a place in the center of the 2 huge support columns.

Zoomed in picture of above on right side (200 Meters near that rock structure in left corner)

You can see those 2 Columns in the distance bang above the center of the picture.

Used for Weighing the Ammunition, Foods etc. Guess the weight,120 Pounds. Used for recruitment of candidates..

Aah I tried lifting but failed. Me good for nothing.

A museum coming up inside the premises..

A 12 Feet Gun

Canon Balls

Army Barracks

Again another classic example of Sarv Dharm Sambhav [A mandir (left) and Taramati Masjid(Right) within the fort]

Makbara of the Kings who have ruled Hyd Earlier as visible from Golconda. There is 1 more but that’s empty. The 4th king was captured and was killed at some other place.

There are 380 uneven steps carved out of stone. Believe me they are tough to traverse

Innermost wall of the fort with crenellated ramparts.

Nagina Bagh: As per the story (At least per my guide), There was a faithful who fought continuously for 10 days and succumbed to injuries. The king ordered for counting of his wound but no one was able to count hence he named this bagh- Na – Gina, Cannot be counted in his memory.

Darbar hall

RamDas Bandi Khana: Ramdas was a collector with the King, he once spent 5 Lakh Rupees (?) of the money collected in building a Ram mandir outside Hyderabad, after building he returned and the king along with consent of public ordered him jail for lifetime. Being a collector he was not kept in an ordinary jail but a Grain Store was converted to Jail. He carved these (red coloured on wall) idol by hitting stone against the stone wall. After 20 year (?) the king had a dream that ramdas has returned the money with interest and he was freed.

A marvelous water supply system in the fort. If you can see those small holes pipes they were used for carrying Cold water, Hot water, Rose Water etc.. People were employed for testing water from time to time. The water was supplied from the top most water tank.

The highest point at Golconda.. The walls supporting the structure are resting on 600 Years old Wooden Blocks.

A view of fort from the highest point of the fort.


Some Writings on the wall (Time to respect our monuments)

He He He I never knew Bose was such an Old Company. Anyways this is for Sound and Light Show

Looks like a Human Face isn’t it

A half Charminar.. If you see Charminar from Golconda you can see only 2 Minaret, so just to complete the view the other 2 were created for the King.

The Golconda is really big and I have not included pics of Queen’s residence, shahi baths, shai niwas, the diamond powered lighting systems etc.

Next we went to SalarJung Museum, a fantasy of art visionary. But alas, cameras were not allowed. Again a Magnificent place to visit (Near Charminar) in Hyd.

Also on display here was second largest octahedral diamond crystal known as “Jacob” or “The Victoria Diamond”. First one is Cullinan from De Beers Mines.

I wish I could see that but Superman was waiting for us to return J…. In IMAX

See Ya all in Delhi

(?) Means can be factually incorrect.


Me Who Else


Sanjeev Singh said...

kool pics .. imagine a bose headphones hangin there :P

Nitesh.Ghotiya said...

hey machhan .....deja vu ..i saw the same post 1 yeat latter again happy again n....yeah that trip was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt

Anonymous said...

Have seen the Golconda fort pictures - would like to use some, about the water pipe system and the acoustic arrangement - also the fort structure - for a chapter in a primary children's textbook we are writing for the government.

Can you please send us the high resolution photos? - we shall give due acknowledgement for what we use - there is also a small payment for each.
I teach in Delhi University and am the Chairperson of the textbook team.
Prof. A. Rampal